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effort. amy hollyfield is live at church and dubose with the latest. >> reporter: this is possibly going to be a confusing point here. definitely going to be a busy spot if you ride n judah or j church you have to transfer if you want to continue into downtown. it is an improvement over last night. look at video, they had bus bridges as the only option. as you can see those were packed all the trains were shutdown last night this happened at the peak of the commute at 5:45. because a transformer blew near the van ness station. some of the passengers said they felt stranded. >> i'm trying to figure out how to get home. a bit frustrating they have shuttles. >> reporter: officials say the rain caused the transformer to
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blow. they were able to get most lines up and running for this morning. again, not the n and j not fully. you can take them above ground once you reach the tunnel at dubose and church you have to get off and transfer to another one. we have sue hall monitoring this from the traffic standpoint. good morning. right now just as you said, what we know is 5:00, kl, m will be running normal full speed special, j and n service streets only. j will be transfering at church and market and dubose and filmore that's the way the morning should go. they hope to have all service later this morning. road work northbound and southbound 101 through marin beginning at sir francis drake towards the strawberry area to the golden gate bridge eastbound 4 closed until 5:30,
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roadwork. good morning. here's a look at live doppler, northwest corner sonoma, sea ranch to fort ross on highway 1, a little wet weather around annapolis road, slowly moving east it is very light, the best chance of any real significant wet weather for the next hour or so is going to remain to our north. we will see a few sprinkles and a little scattered light rain in the north bay through the morning. better chance of rain moving through the north bay during the afternoon whether you are at the coast in the north or inland at the north you are going to have rain the rest of us mostly cloudy with low to mid 60s. students will be back in class this morning at a marin county middle school closed because of storm damage. a culvert backed up flooding four classrooms, library and administrative offices.
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significant damage at white hill middle school, flooring annuals may have to be replaced. -- and walls may have to be replaced. road crews and mountain residents are still dealing with a lot of damage from the weekend storms. lilian kim shows the effort to clean downed trees and reopen a washed out road is going on before more stormy weather hits. >> reporter: one trouble spot the road was closed to traffic in both directions after a falling tree took a power line down. >> we have crews from different areas. >> reporter: no amount of outside help can fix this section of vine hill road any time soon workers say it is going to take time to figure out how to repair it half the road came crumbling didn't. clogged culvers may have contributed to the problem. 3,000 motorists use this road
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everyday as a shortcut to south santa cruz county. now been -- now residents have been told to use alternate roads. county workers say it could take several months before vine hill road is fixed that one remaining lane could reopen this afternoon. lilian kim, abc7 news. stay with abc7 news for continuing storm watch coverage you can track the storm any time with live doppler 7 hd on when the weather hits your area we want to see it, send your photos to ureport. a wheelchair bound woman in the hospital after getting aren't over by a muni streetcar near market and church around 5:30 yesterday. a passenger shot this video of the rescue efforts from his apartment moments after leaving the train he heard a
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man pounding on the outside of the streetcar yelling for the operator to stop. the woman was rushed to the hospital. police are investigating whether she leaned forward into the train or fell out of her chair. we have to wait to find out details on a person arrested after a missing teenaged girl severe autism turned up in san francisco. the public was asked to help find the 16-year-old who has the mental capacity of a 9-year-old when she walked away from a group home in oakland. police organized several sinks she was found two days later on -- several -- several searches she was found two days later on a muni bus. new details about an armed robbery out of -- at a palo alto walgreens. police released this surveillance photo of the suspect leaving the university avenue store after yesterday's hold-up. he pulled a gun on a pharmacist and demanded
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oxycontin and he made off with one bottle. sunday, a similarly-dressed man robbed the cvs in cupertino he demanded cash. investigators trying to determine if the two robberies are connected. san francisco city hall could be filled with naked people again today when the board of supervisors is expected to give final approval to a city wide ban on nudity. the board voted 6-5 to give initial approval to the ordinance. they plan to do the same today. the legislation would amend the city's code to prohibit nudity and streets, plazas, sidewalks and other public spaces. more in a live report from terry mcsweeney in the income half hour. we are keeping a close -- close eye own your commute to see if the muni subway can get back on schedule.
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>> this may not be the day to protest and -- you know what we're talking about. mike has more on the weather. >> nice visual there, thank you eric. >> yeah, thank you. sprinkles sea ranch towards cloverdale be treatmented for that in the next 20 to 30 minutes in cloverdale. -- otherwise live doppler showing dry weather over the rest of us, cloud cover so it is mild this morning, warmer than it was yesterday morning, 40s and 50s out there upper 40s to low 50s, until you go san francisco 55, temperatures four to 10° warmer than yesterday. we are off to a mild start. will remain mild even with the cloud cover. sprinkles in the north bay through the morning commute, it will develop into light rain by noon staying north until 4:00. then it will start spreading to the south as we head towards the evening. temperatures start around 50
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this morning, hang out around 60, 4, widespread heavier rain overnight through tomorrow's morning commute, then it becomes scattered showers wednesday, drier pattern thursday and friday. roadwork east and westbound of 80 through university and on into buchanan 80 east shore freeway blocked until 5:00 this morning. roadwork north portion of the golden gate bridge, traffic one lane then opens up and this morning you will have four lanes in the southbound direction for your commute, no fog, clear sailing into san francisco. the muni situation is this, they are going to fully restore the k, l and m lines at 5:00 this morning. surface streets only for the j and n you have to get off j church and market and transfer due to major power outage.
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we'll be following this for any residual delays. good morning i'm katie marzullo newsroom on royal baby watch. kate middleton still in the hospital suffering from extreme morning sickness. what it means for her health and what it could say about the pregnancy. typhoon barrel across the philippines, next the deadly toll it has taken and massive damage it is causing. you disgust me.
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill instantly. no looking, no touching. d-con. get out. good morning, 4:42. live look at i-80 in berkeley,
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headlights heading west traffic moving just fine right now the roads are dry there, there is the chance for sprinkles. mike will explain who might get it today and we the rest of us will get it, all coming up. severe weather related news breaking news out of the philippines a powerful typhoon hit the region 27 people are dead, typhoon bopha slammed into the region triggering landslides, winds 110 miles an hour one of the strongest storms to hit that area in decades. more than 50,000 have left their coastal homes headed for higher ground. the same area was hit by a storm last year it killed more than 1200 people. the duchess of cambridge is still in a london hospital this morning, pregnant with her first child. doctors are monitoring an unusually severe case of an
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common ailment for expectant moms. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: kate middleton still in the hospital, prince william is with her. she is likely going to be there for several more days. a statement says after she gets home she going to be under doctor's orders to stay quiet and rest. she does have acute morning sickness, it is rare, it accounts for only 2% of all cases of morning sickness. debilitating nausea and can lead to severe hydration. >> potentially serious for a pregnant woman at this stage of pregnancy, most of the risks lie with the mother. >> reporter: she is barely 12 weeks. the condition that she has is most common in women carrying twins. of course that's just speculation now it would
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double the excitement for the young royal couple and the rest of the world as we watch. it may be add to the drama of who would be next in line for the crown? last year british leaders agreed to change the rules i'll tell you what that means for their child or children coming up. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >> intrigue deepens, thank you. the back and forth continues in washington between congress and the white house over the so-called fiscal cliff. this morning president obama will host some of the nation's governors to spread his message. the president wants to raise 1.6 trillion in revenue by increasing taxes on the top 2% of income earners. republicans counted with a 2.2 trillion dollar deficit reduction plan, 800 billion dollars in revenue, but didn't call for raising tax rates on wealthy. the proposal was quickly ejected with the white house. new -- rejected by the
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white house. new poll shows -- gallup asked americans to rate honesty and ethical standards car salesmen got lowest marks 8% marked them high or very high. congress is just above them, only 10% scored in the top two categories to be honest. journalists 24%. top of the rankings, nurses, 84% of americans gave them the highest marks and of course meteorologists right behind that >> i was going to say even though it is not darn -- not a 100% science -- [ talking over each other ] >> 100% science that has accuracy, a little less -- okay stop digging. [ talking over each other ] >> they didn't rate
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meteorologists i wonder who is dragging who down? [ laughing ] >> touche. good morning. here's a look at a dry picture from sutro tower across san francisco towards the east bay hills. live doppler, scattered sprinkles northwest corner sonoma county where we are watching now, heavier rain lake and mendocino counties where going to stay for the better part of the morning commute. radar there the benefit of having live doppler 7 hd so far to the west already picking rain 90 miles offshore that going to take the better part of three hours to get to the coast. the sooner you get in northern sonoma the more likely you are going to be dry. upper 40s concord, live more, redwood city, los gatos, everybody else in the low to mid 50s. monterey bay, upper 40s to
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near 50. let's move on and talk about this forecast cycle, rain best in the north bay during the daylight hours today spread to the south evening and overnight drier pattern tomorrow thursday as far as what is going to happen, warm front going to bring us sprinkles now next storm not as strong as the preceding three but does have a mild air mass, healthy rain especially farther north you are going. right here you can see next batch hugging the north bay through the lunch hour the rest of us scattered sprinkles possible this is where the steadier rain will be during the daylight hours. during the evening rush starts to push into the heart of the bay it will hit all of us overnight through tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning the rush hour is going to be the worst off as far as wet weather. taper to scattered showers by noon, by 5:00, one or two showers around, by 9:00, 10:00,
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over. we'll wake up thursday morning with a clearing sky and patchy fog. wet weather especially north bay up to an inch and a half in the north bay mountains. quarter to 3/4 of an inch around the bay. possibly quarter of an anyone's the south bay. -- of an inch in the south bay. thursday raiders in town you can watch it here, slightly cooler saturday, sunday but dry. live look at the bay bridge toll traffic very light headed into san francisco, no metering lights, no issues on the incline or upper deck into san francisco through san rafael southbound out of novato past freitas parkway and north san pedro road few headlights and tail lights light through northern san rafael into southern marin. with muni over -- yesterday's compute major power outage had
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all trains stopped. this morning at 5 a.m., k, l, m lines running as usual j and n surface streets only will not be going underground. roadwork eastbound 580 north greenville, westbound not a bad drive out of the central valley. in san francisco the proposal to provide free muni rides to youth could be resolved today with a vote. city leaders came up with a plan last spring to give teens free muni passes, regional officials rejected funding for the idea. a new grant more than 6 million dollars has surfaced and the head of muni wants to spend 1.6 of it to fund the pilot program for the free rides rest to fix infrastructure. a man is pushed to his death on a subway platform in front of horrified passengers.
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next, the video that police hope will lead to the man they say did it. what attracts a man to a particular woman? the answer may be st3q
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we are just getting word from muni power has been restored full service is expected for your morning commute, including the n and j line. all muni subway line service restored, power restored. looks like we are off to a good start. >> good news. muni power restored all lines will operate normally as of this morning for your commute. today the sonoma county board of supervisors considering a major step toward providing electricity and natural gas for homes and business.
4:53 am
the board will consider a municipal power agency. the most significant step yet toward breaking away from pg&e. critics fear rates would go up. supporters say creating the power agency would mean bids from outside companies. they say it could create jobs, boost clean energy and lower emissions. key legal victory for a medical marijuana dispensary could pose problems for a landlord. judge has ruled the landlord cannot he harbor side health center even though federal attorneys are threatening to seize the property claiming it violates federal laws. the judge sided with the facility because state lou allows -- state law allows non-profits to distribute marijuana. abc7 news teaming up with the job journal for another hire event today. recruiters will have more than 350 jobs available in
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san jose. the company's hiring hyatt regency, santa clara, california army national guard, new york life insurance and financial services and sleep train bring your resume to the doubletree hotel in san jose from noon to 4:00 this afternoon. the weather should be good especially if san jose. >> it should be. let's check in with mike. hope we are not dragging you down this morning buddy? >> not at all, love the mornings, tuesdays especially. north bay where we have our best chance of steady rain from this morning through the of -- through the afternoon. if you are traveling state today, best chance of wet weather north of 80, not much in the way of snow mixing in with the storm now, very warm core system. 50s chico and eureka and tahoe and yosemite, mid 60s sacramento, fresno, south more sun and warmer weather, 70
4:55 am
l.a. today, 80 in palm springs. san diego 66. if you are heading up to the north snow levels high above 7,000 feet. >> back to the bay bridge toll everything is light, no metering lights no problems upper deck. live look at san mateo bridge traffic light as well as you make your way towards foster city from hayward no problems and good news for muni riders they expected only partial service this morning, now getting word that full service restored all trains working on schedule including the subway the k, l, m, j and n back to full service power. now in new york city, police looking for a man accused of pushing another man in the path of an oncoming train. police released this video of
4:56 am
the suspect arguing with a victim moments before he allegedly shoved him off the platform. this happened yesterday at the 49th street station in manhattan. witnesses say the 58-year-old victim tried to climb out of rail bed but it was too late. several riders who witnessed the death were treated for trauma. if you believe that men seem to love themselves, new study on romance provides some evidence. researchers asked 100 men to look at photos of women real and ones that computer manipulated to resemble the men hooking at the pictures 37% thought the face that -- looked most like there's was most attractive. >> get out! >> yeah, seriously. in a different study in 2008, hungarian scientists found women are inclined to choose partners no look like their fathers. researchers think maybe this has to do with the familiar
4:57 am
and comfortable. >> okay. 4:57. developing news in san francisco, where muni is just now saying it has re-- it has restored power that disrupted service. live with an update. why protesters are ready to let it all hang out
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♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. good tuesday morning. it is 5 a.m.. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze. right now muni service resumes for the morning commute after a transformer led to
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